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WorkCare Consulting Ltd. can track and coordinate your workplace training program to ensure employees are always current in their requirements. We are also pleased to industry recognized, award winning online safety training in GHS WHMIS, TDG and many more.


As an employer you are legally responsible for providing a safe, healthy workplace and to comply with your responsibilities under the OH&S Act, Regulations and Code.

We can help set up a system that is easy to use and will help you meet these requirements. 


WorkCare Consulting Ltd. can help you achieve and maintain safety compliance within Complyworks and ISNetworld.  The requirements in these programs are always changing.  We provide monitoring services to ensure you always look professional by maintaining an approval rating with all your clients.   


We can assist with building and implementing a health and safety program that meets OH&S legislated requirements and helps achieve your Small Employer Certificate of Recognition.  We can also help complete and submit your SECOR audit for certification or annual maintenance requirements.  


Working together to meet all of your small business HEALTH & SAFETY NEEDS

As a small business owner you have a moral and legal obligation to keep your employees safe.

If you regularly employ 5 to 19 workers, the OHS Act states you must designate a Health and Safety Representative.  A Health and Safety Representatives core duties are:

  • Receive workers health and safety concerns
  • Make recommendations
  • Participate in the hazard assessment process
  • Review inspection records.  
Health and Safety Representatives must be provided training on their roles and responsibilities.  At WorkCare Consulting Ltd. we understand these requirements can seem overwhelming, especially if you only have a few employees.  We can train your designated representative , set-up your workplace hazard assessment and inspection programs and develop emergency response plans that will help meet legislative requirements for small employers.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation to discuss how we can help.

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